Cable Fault Detector

Cable Fault Detector
Cable Fault Detector
Cable Fault Detector
Cable Fault Detector

Brief Introduction

ZC-700B intelligent cable fault detector is suitable for measuring low resistance, short circuit, open circuit and broken wire faults of power cables, high frequency coaxial cables, local telephone cables, street lamp cables and buried wires of various materials with different cross sections and different media, as well as high resistance leakage and high resistance flashover faults. Super strong cable management system, automatically generate test report.

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1. 12 inch industrial computer control, touch operation mode;

2. Windows XP operating system, super strong cable management system, touch operation mode, wireless visual expert online guidance, scientific cable management, real-time report generation;

3. It has the functions of ranging and speed measurement;

4. 100MHz sampling frequency with a minimum resolution of 0.5m (100M / US);

5. Fully automatic continuous sampling, never missing any discharge waveform

6. Test methods: flashover sampling and low-pressure pulse sampling;

7. Pulse amplitude: 100vpp;

8. Pulse width: 0.1us and 2us;

9. Measurement distance: Smax: 60km; smin: 15m;

10. Measurement error: absolute error of rough measurement: + 10 m relative error of rough measurement: + 15%, (DL / t849.1-2004 does not exceed + (1% L + 20) m, where: l is cable length)

11. Power supply mode: built in 12V / 10Ah DC power supply, which can work continuously for 4 hours, or external AC 220V 50Hz power supply.

system function

Fault distance measurement, fault location, propagation speed test, cable path search, buried depth detection, etc;

Test method

Low voltage pulse, flashover method, audio frequency method, acoustic magnetic synchronous method, valley value method, peak value method, electromagnetic induction method, etc;

display control

Flash tester: 12 inch industrial computer control, built-in 12V / 10Ah DC power supply, can work continuously for 10 hours: It is controlled by single chip microcomputer and displayed by pointer table;

Test scope

Test distance: 60km; detection depth: 2-5m;

measurement accuracy

Rough measurement error: + 10m (absolute value) or 1% (relative value);

Precision measurement error: + 0.2m (fixed point, path, depth);

sampling frequency

100MHz, minimum resolution 0.5m (100M / US)

Sampling method

Fully automatic continuous sampling, never missing any discharge waveform

Low voltage pulse

Width: 0.1us and 2us; amplitude: 100vpp

output power

Path power: 100W: impact power: 0 ~ 400W

Impact high pressure

0 ~ 35kV

short-circuit current

0~ 320mA

Burn through power



Cable Fault Detector