Full-automatic Transformer Integrated Test Bench

Full-automatic Transformer Integrated Test Bench
Full-automatic Transformer Integrated Test Bench

System Configuration

This configuration can test the capacity 360000kVA and below the voltage level of 500kV,330kV,220kV,110kV, 35kV/10kV, single, three-phase power transformers and all kinds of special tests. It also called Integrated Transformer Test Bed.

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Automatic Integrated Transformer Test Bench System Test Project

1) Transformer winding resistance test

2) Transformer no-load and load characteristic test;

3) Transformer power frequency AC voltage withstand test;

4) Transformer harmonic AC voltage withstand test;

5) Transformer induced withstand voltage test;

6) Do transformer ratio, group, error test;

7) Transformer short circuit impedance (%) and load loss test

8) Transformer DC resistance test;

Automatic Integrated Transformer Test Bench Extensible test project:

1)  transformer no-load current (%) and no-load loss test

2) Transformer short circuit impedance (%) and load loss test

3) Transformer partial discharge test;

4) Withstand voltage test of transformer oil (0-80Kv)

5) Transformer temperature rise tests.  (can automatically draw temperature rise curve)

6) Insulation resistance test (absorption ratio and polarization index)

7) Transformer anti-interference dielectric loss test

8) Lightning impact test.

Assisted test items outside the system

Transformer insulation resistance, absorption ratio, polarization index test;

Transformer insulating oil analysis system;

Transformer dielectric loss test;

Partial discharge tests;

Environmental temperature and humidity testing.

Test system components

Transformer integrated test system monitoring stations;

Transformer integrated test system controlling cabinet;

Transformer integrated test system operating platform;

Automatic Integrated Transformer Test Bench Performance indicators:

Tested transformer parameters


Structure and function description

         System test items controlled by computer, and can manually operate separately. A button to complete the entire test to achieve a real sense of being fully automatic. Independently from the functional test platform, including stalls automatic switching, the current automatic shift, characteristics and industrial octave automatic lifting movements automatic function of pressure and excitation.

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Full-automatic Transformer Integrated Test Bench