AC Withstand Resonance Test System

AC Withstand Resonance Test System
AC Withstand Resonance Test System

Cable Resonance Test System Brief Introduction

ZCVF-B AC Resonant Test System (for Cables) are composed of frequency/voltage adjustment power,exciting transformers, reactors, capacitive divider.The power frequency can be adjustable,which make the reactor and tested capacitor resonance.


Product Features

1. The frequency conversion power supply is placed in a vertical and horizontal direction, and is especially suitable for the field operation and observation;

2. The inner and outer parts are provided with a special damping rubber support foot and a protective aluminum box, which can effectively slow down the impact of the vibration and the hoisting during the transportation. The long-term stability and reliability of the frequency conversion power supply is guaranteed;

3. Parameters display: touch or external mouse large screen LCD screen display system.;

4. Can display the resonant voltage (i.e. before the test set of target voltage), test frequency, frequency measurement, low voltage, low voltage current, pressure time, overvoltage protection, current protection, flashover protection, phase voltage and phase timing, switch the operation mode, capacitance, inductors, frequency rate swaps are calculated, parameter query, display frequency curve, voltage curve can be used to visually judge when test resonant frequency accuracy and stability.


Cable Resonance Test System Parameters

Rated   capacity216kVA
Input   powerSingle   phase 220 or three phase 380V voltage
Rated   voltage216kV;   72kV
Rated   current1A; 3A
Operating   frequency30~300Hz
Device   output waveformSine wave
Waveform   distortion ratethe output   voltage waveform distortion rate is less than 1%
Working   hours:Allowable   continuous 60ZCn under rated load;
Overvoltage   1.1 times 1 minute
The   temperature rise under rated loadcontinuous   operation of 60ZCn after the temperature is less than or equal to 65K;
Quality   factorsthe device   itself Q≥30 (f=45Hz)
Protection   functionover   current, over voltage and protection of sample


Classic case / On site test 

Classic case02

AC Withstand Resonance Test System