Short Circuit Impedance Tester

Short Circuit Impedance Tester
Short Circuit Impedance Tester

Short circuit impedance tester/ short circuit impedance test

The transformer tester winding deformation tester quantifies the variation of the winding parameters in different frequency domains, determines the degree of deformation of the winding according to the trend of variation, range, range and frequency response, and then judges whether the transformer is seriously damaged or needs according to the test result. Overhaul. The device is compact and easy to operate.


1. Finished circuit boards, the surface with special treatment.

2. The transformer tester has two measurement systems: linear scan and segmented scan.

3. Amplitude-frequency characteristic complies the national technical specifications.

4. Test data automatic analysis system, horizontal compare the similarity of A,B ,C, the results as below: .

① Conformance is very good

② Conformance is good

③ Conformance is bad

④ Serious deformation

5. Vertical compare A-A、B-B、 C-C, obtain the original data to compare the winding deformation with the test data in the same phase, the results as below:

① Normal

② Slight deformation

③ Moderate deformation

④ Serious deformation

6. Automatically generating Word document, convenient for customers to save and print.

7. Totally meet the technique conditions of DL/T911 - 2004:Survey of Frequency Response Analysis on Winding Deformation of Transformers.

Product Parameters

Scanning mode

linear scan distribution

Sweep frequency measurement range


(1k Hz)~(2MHz)2000 Sweep frequency point ; resolution ratio 1kHz range

Measurement accuracy


Scanning frequency accuracy


Scanning measurement range

(0.5kHz)-(1MHz) 2000 Sweep frequency

(0.5kHz)-(10kHz) resolution ratio 0.02kHz

(10kHz)-(100kHz) resolution ratio 0.02kHz

(100kHz)-(500kHz) resolution ratio 1 kHz

(500kHz)-(1000kHz) resolution ratio 1 kHz

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Short Circuit Impedance Tester