CT Polarity Tester

CT Polarity Tester
CT Polarity Tester

ZC-611 CT polarity tester

This product breaks through the traditional structure and is specially designed for the HV CT below 60kV (such as 10kV or 35kV), it can test ct ratio, phase order, polarity and leakage current of the transformer on line. It is made up of special high-voltage detector, low-voltage current clamp, main engine, high-voltage insulation rod, monitoring software, communication line, etc. Its wireless transmission test data can penetrate the barrier of the partition wall and does not affect the ratio result. If you do not use an insulating rod, you can also use it as a high-precision low-voltage clamp-type ammeter or leakage current meter.


1.Measurement of 35KV and below high voltage current transformer;

2.The polarity of 35KV and the following high and low voltage current transformer can be measured.

3.35KV and the following current transformer can be detected high and low pressure side of the corresponding;

4.Can measure the current amplitude of 35KV and the following high and low voltage lines;

5.High capacity lithium polymer rechargeable battery, continuous work over 10 hours;

6.Closed clamp design, opening design accuracy is improved greatly;

7.Long U shaped jaws, measured the width of up to 55mm, can easily measure the wide aluminum row;

8.Wireless transmission distance is far, the ability to cross obstacles;

Product Parameters

Current measurement range

High voltage current transformer


Low voltage current transformer


Ratio Measure Range



High voltage current


Low voltage current


CT ratio


Measuring the maximum size of the conductor

High pressure clamp meter


Low pressure clamp meter


Voltage resistance

High pressure clamp table (iron core - hand between)

38000V/1 minutes

Low voltage clamp table (iron core - hand between)

2000V/1 minutes

Host (plug - shell)

2000V/1 minutes

Mainframe 0.3KG, high pressure clamp table 0.65kg, two clamp table 0.15kg;

Exterior dimension


High pressure clamp meter



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CT Polarity Tester