Precautions during transformer test

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The use of the instrument transformer tester must comply with the technical requirements of the existing national standards for electrical safety and test project process. Reading this manual does not replace the requirements of the relevant national standards for electrical test projects. When using the instrument transformer tester in high-voltage situations, the relevant operators must have the electrical test qualification.

Safety code for use of transformer tester

1) the instrument can only be used when all indicators of the instrument transformer tester are normal. In case of any abnormality, contact the manufacturer immediately for maintenance.

2) safety technical requirements of relevant national standards shall be followed when applying in special places.

3) always pay attention to high voltage and high current, which will directly damage the equipment.

4) follow the user manual for all tests

5) it is forbidden to open the instrument transformer tester. If the instrument transformer tester is opened, the warranty of the instrument transformer tester will be invalid.

6) it is forbidden to modify, expand and improve the transformer tester.

7) please use the original accessories of transformer tester

8) before the test is completed, it is strictly forbidden to cut off the test line, and the test line can only be cut off when the power output indicator is off.