How to test transformer deformation?

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When choosing to purchase transformer winding deformation tester, power enterprises should make accurate judgment and select the equipment produced by those powerful companies, so that the accuracy and accuracy can be guaranteed, and the transformer can be found in time in case of failure, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment. As a professional power equipment manufacturer, the transformer winding deformation tester produced by Wuhan Zhizhuo measurement and Control Co, Ltd. can meet the requirements of accurate performance and accuracy of current transmission and transformation enterprises in China. And there are professional debugging engineers to train your company's staff to ensure the normal use of the equipment and the handling of technical problems, so as to ensure the efficient and stable operation of your transformer.

The working principle of the transformer winding deformation tester is mainly to measure the parameters of the inner winding of the transformer. After obtaining all kinds of accurate measurement data, the computer system makes a comparative analysis on it and makes a judgment on the internal fault state of the transformer. The transformer winding deformation tester is a group of power equipment which plays a decisive role in the construction of domestic power infrastructure equipment. It plays the core supporting role in the power transmission of our country.

The transformer winding deformation tester produced and developed by Kvtester with good quality and high cost performance has been purchased by many famous power enterprises for its excellent

performance, stability and relibility. It can be seen that good quality products are recognized by customers without publicity.