How to solve the problem that the test results of transformer

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Kvtester Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. solves the problem that the test results of transformer tester cannot be saved.

Problem Description:

The analyzer startup process is normal, the test process is normal, and the test results are normal, but the test results cannot be saved, nor can the word document be generated.

Cause analysis and handling method:

Zc-110 current transformer field calibrator has built-in windowsxpe system, and after the test, the analyzer will take the parameter item of transformer number (see CT analysis parameter setting interface) as a part of the storage file, while windows has requirements for the storage file name, and the file containing these characters' /:*?"< >|]"#/: *? "Cannot be stored, so if it is in the transformer number, If these illegal characters are included, there will be an error that the test results cannot be saved.

Treatment method:

Remove these ilegal characters from the transformer number item in the CT parameter setting interface.