3 Phase Relay Test Set

3 Phase Relay Test Set
3 Phase Relay Test Set

FAQ about 3 Phase Relay Test Set

1. What are the system used by tester sofware for ZCAR-702A 3phase?

A:The system software are xp/win7/win8&win10 (unstable) for model ZCAR-702A three phase; 

2. Can the relay protection tester show the impedance curve?

A: Yes.

3. Whether the tester has distance protection test function?

A: Yes, the module is in the software.

4.Dose the tester software have XRIO functionality? 

A: No.

5.Can the tester test a secondary injection or primary injection?

A: The test only can test asecondary injection

6. Wether the tester can test the following relays: 1 undervoltage and overvoltage relays. 2)overcurrent relay 3)ground fault relay 4) distance relay

A: The testers can test all mentioned relays.

7.Can this tester do instantaneous protection relay test?

A: Yes, the tester can.

8. Does the tester have a hard disk and how much memory?

A: No hard disk, the device itself has 2G of memory.

9. Cn the operating system of tester block the virus?

A: No.

10.The recision indicated in the product specification in 0.5 grade. Can the actual test precision reach 0.2 grade?

A: The above instructions are written in the most conservative condition DC 0.5 grade and AC 0.2 grade, but generally the precision is adjusted to DC 0.2 grade and AC 0.1 grade when the tester are produced.

3 Phase Relay Test Set Technical Date


3 Phase Relay Test Set

Switch parameters input

7 ways

Empty contact: 1~20mA, 24v

Power contact access:“0”:0~ +6V; “1”:+11 V~ +250V

Switch parameters output

2 couples


Time measurement

Measuring range: 0.1ms ~ 9999s        measuring accuracy: 0.1ms

Volume and weight


Appearance and size


Weight of a single machine


Supply power

AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz

Environmental temperature

-10℃ ~ +50℃

3 Phase Relay Test Set