Three Phase Protection Relay Tester

Three Phase Protection Relay Tester
Three Phase Protection Relay Tester

The Three phase relay protection tester can verify various relays (such as current, voltage, inverse time, power direction, impedance, differential, low cycle, synchronous, frequency, DC, intermediate, time, etc.) and microcomputer protection, and can simulate A variety of complex transient, permanent, and transitional faults are tested throughout the set.

It adopts a high-speed and high-performance digital signal processor with fast operation speed and transmission frequency bandwidth. The software uses double-precision algorithms to generate arbitrary high-precision waveforms of each phase. Due to the integrated structure, the parts are tightly combined, the data transmission distance is short, and the structure is compact.


Technical Data

AC current output

Phase current output (effective value)

0~40A,   Output Precision  0.2 degree

3 phase parallel current output (effective value)


A Long-time Phase current


Maximum output power of Phase current


Maximum output power of 3 parallel current


Maximum Permitted work time of 3 parallel current


Frequency range ( fundamental)


Harmonic time


DC current output

Current output

0~±10A / phase,  0~±30A / 3 parallel

Output Precision

0.5 degree

AC voltage output

Phase voltage output (effective value)

0~120V   Output Precision   0.2 degree

Line voltage output (effective value)


Phase voltage / Line phase output power

80VA / 100VA

Frequency range (fundamental)


Harmonic time


DC voltage output

Phase voltage output range 

0~±160V  Output Precision  0.5 degree

Line voltage output range


Phase voltage / Line phase output power 

70VA / 140VA

10 path digital input and 8 path digital output

Time measuring range

 0.1ms ~ 9999s

accuracy of measurement


Customer on-site use display

relay tester

three phase relay tester

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Three Phase Protection Relay Tester