Numerical Relay Testing

Numerical Relay Testing
Numerical Relay Testing


ZCAR-802 microcomputer relay protection tester


ZCAR-802 Numerical relay testing set Features

1. The standard output of 4 phases of voltage and 3 phases of current It could combine various type of current or voltage conveniently and has diversity type of protective experiment. Every phase of voltage output is 120V, and the total of the parallel current is 120A. The fourth phase voltage Ux has many functions and it can be set to be 4 type of every three voltages or synchronism checking voltage, or output any value of voltage.

2.  A Singer ZCAR-802 Relay is operated by the convenient and flexible rotation mouse through the large LCD screen and all English display. It can complete the most testing work, including all sorts of relay and microcomputer protection test, and can simulate all kinds of complicated instantaneity, permanent, transform failure for the test. It can be used right after the starting up and operated conveniently.

3. By using the English setting operation software on the Windows platform, it can work for all kinds of large, complex and higher degree automation check work and it is convenient to test and scanning all kinds of protection fixed value, as well as storage real-time test data, display vector chart, draw fault waveform, online print statements, and so on.

4. It can complete all kinds of large complex check work requiring for high degree automation, such as three phase differential test, auxiliary power supply for fast cutting and automatic input test, line protection by synchronism checking voltage reclosing and so on. and it can easily test and scanning all kinds of protection setting for fault playback, storage real-time test data, display vector chart, online print reports, etc.

5. 7 road contact input and 2 couples of empty output contact. The input contact is compatible for both empty contact and 0 ~ 250 v contact, and it has intelligent automatic recognition. Input and output contact can be expanded based on the user’s need.

6. The device adopts large and high resolution radio graphics LCD screen with 320 x 240 lattices, and the whole operation process are set on the screen, whose operation interface and test results are both show in English, intuitional and clear.

7. Use reasonable design of the heat dissipation structure, has various reliable and perfect protection and power soft start, along with fault self-diagnosis and locking function.

8. The device is equipped with a way of 110v DC and 220v DC special adjustable power output.

9. It is an interdisciplinary design production, integrating many advanced scientific and technological achievements of many areas. More important, its large tester performance, and small tester price, distinguishes it as a very cost-effective machine.

ZCAR-802 Numerical relay testing set Technical Data

◆ The switch quantity and time measurement



Switch parameters input

7 ways

Empty contact: 1~20mA, 24v

Power contact access:“0”:0~ +6V; “1”:+11 V~ +250V

Switch parameters output

2 couples


Time measurement

Measuring range: 0.1ms ~ 9999s measuring accuracy: 0.1ms

◆ Volume and weight


Appearance and size


Weight of a single machine


Supply power

AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz

Environmental temperature

-10℃ ~ +50℃

Numerical Relay Testing