Leakage Protection Switch Tester

Leakage Protection Switch Tester
Leakage Protection Switch Tester

ZC-320 Leakage Protection Switch tester Introduction

ZC-320 Leakage Protection Switch tester apply to testing the leakage action current, leakage non-action current and leakage action time of leakage protector. Leakage protector (residual current action protector) is one of the effective measures to prevent electric shock accidents, and also the technical measures to prevent electrical fire caused by leakage and electrical equipment damage accidents. It adopt 16 bits blue screen, it is convenient and intuitive. High accuracy, small size, light weight, exquisite appearance, easy to carry, is an ideal tool for a variety of leakage protector in site or in laboratory testing.

ZC-320 Leakage Protection Switch tester Features

1.It has10 gears between 30mA-1000mA

2.Digital display, reading storage, test automatically

3.Can test on-line, off-line

4.Equipped with the function of voltage reverse protection.

5.Enter saving electric method if no operation after 2 min; display “SL” to reminder shutdown

6.Reminder to change battery if the power is not enough

Technology Parameters

Breaking time measurement range: 0-9999ms

Breaking time measurement accuracy: 1ms

Measurement current error:

30mA、50mA 、60mA、75mA accuracy ≤0.1mA

100mA、150mA、200mA、250mA、500mA、1000mA accuracy ≤1mA

Working condition

Temperature: -10℃—40℃; humidity: <80RH


Test the leakage action current, leakage non-action current and leakage action time of various leakage protectors.


DC6V Alkaline dry cell LR6 1.5V×4

Test line voltage

AC 250V below

Rated voltage

AC 220V

Leakage current gear


Test the leakage action time range


Display accuracy of electric leakage action time


Gear current accuracy


Failure information indication

LCD display “fault” due to tested rated action current gear is too small or leakage protector is defective.

The test line length


Test mode

Manual or automatic

Display model


Dimension of meter



290g(include battery);total weight:350g(including package)

LCD size

Display area:44mm×27mm

Battery voltage

When battery voltage down to 4.8V, display low-voltage to reminder changing battery. The test data is still exact at this time.

Working current

40mA Max

Work humidity

-10℃~40℃;80%rh below

Storage temperature and humidity

-10℃~60℃;70%rh below

Insulation withstand voltage

100MΩ or bigger,AC2kV/rms(Between shell and screw)

Comply with standard

IEC1010-1、IEC1010-2-032、Pollution levels 2、CAT Ⅲ(600V)IEC61326(EMC standard)

Leakage Protection Switch Tester