SF6 Gas Purity Tester

SF6 Gas Purity Tester
SF6 Gas Purity Tester

Sf6 gas purity tester/ Sf6 gas purity test Set Introduction

ZC-315 SF6 Gas Analyzers can test SF6 humidity, SF6 decomposition products, SF6 purity, which can finish two items detection in one on-site measurement, saving gas in the equipment.


1.Color LCD display, real-time show kinds of parameters;

2.Large information storage;

3.Built-in rechargeable battery, AC/DC power available;

4.Automatic zero calibration;

5.Electronic flow display;

6.Measurement data print;

7.Measurement data storage;

8.Intelligently display electricity quantity;

9.User-defined reports;

10.Support data communication;

11.Support file system;

12.Self-diagnostic function;

13.Graphical Menu.

Product Parameters

Measuring range: dew point -80 ~ +20 ℃ (support ppmv, etc.);

Dew point accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ (when the dew point temperature is below 0 ℃, the sensor output for the frost point);

Repeatability: ± 0.5 ℃;

Gas flow: SF6 adjustment in 0.5 ~ 0.9L/min;

SF6 Purity:

Measuring range: 0 ~ 100% SF6;

Accuracy and repeatability: ± 0.5%, nothing to do with the flow;

SF6 decomposition products:

H2S: 1 ~ 200ppm (standard);

SO2: 1 ~ 100ppm (standard);

HF: 0 ~ 10ppm (optional);

Accuracy: ± 1ppm

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SF6 Gas Purity Tester