VACuum SF6 Gas Recovery Plant

VACuum SF6 Gas Recovery Plant
VACuum SF6 Gas Recovery Plant

Product Introduction

Vacuum SF6 Gas Recovery Plant as an insulating gas, is nontoxic, nonflammable, and good insulation properties, the insulation in tensity of it is much higher than traditional insulated gas and has good arc extinguishing. So it is widely used in SF6 elcecrical equipment.

Because of the high price of SF6 gas, and under the action of arc, spark and corona discharge, the gas will decompose and produce toxic components. Therefore, when we use the SF6 electric equipment, we need to recovery SF6 gas.

The Main Components and Advantages of the Vacuum SF6 Gas Recovery Plant

(1) advanced design, complete functions, reasonable structure, simple and clear operation.

(2) compression system: SF6 sealed compressor, no leakage.

(3) double-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is adopted in the vacuum pumping system, which is equipped with an automatic oil return prevention device.

(4) the purification system adopts the principle filter of CKD company in Japan, and the filter adopts electric heating and high-efficiency adsorbent inside, so the purification effect is more significant (there is no need to change the adsorbent frequently).

(5) automatic confirmation of three-phase power supply and automatic protection of phase break in the electrical system of the device.

(6) the device control system adopts SF6 special valve with the latest technology

(7) the storage system shall be equipped with 50KG liquid storage tank according to user requirements. And can directly fill gas cylinders.

(8) the equipment is mobile.

VACuum SF6 Gas Recovery Plant