SF6 Gas Purification and Filling Equipment

SF6 Gas Purification and Filling Equipment
SF6 Gas Purification and Filling Equipment

SF6 Gas Purification and Filling Equipment is suitable for SF6 electrical equipment and GIS combined electrical equipment.

The Main Component Configuration Parameters are as Follows

1. SF6 compressor: oil semi-enclosed compressor with high pressure

A: theoretical displacement: 10m3/h

B: maximum exhaust pressure: 2.5mpa

C: minimum inspiratory pressure: 53Kpa

D: maximum suction pressure: 0.35~ 0.8mpa

E: power: 3KW

F: power supply: 380V 50HZ

2. The vacuum system adopts two-stage rotary plate 2X-15

A: vacuum pump adopts air-cooled type, which can run for a long time

B: vacuum rate is 55m3/h

C: Final vacuum 0.06pa

D: power 3KW

3. Refrigeration system: domestic compressor

4. Filtration system (purification system: dual-stage filtration with vacuum activation and self-regeneration)

5. SF6 valve: ball valve DN15 SF6 dedicated

6. Pressure gauge, vacuum gauge: Shanghai Yichuan pressure gauge, Shanghai thermal even number display vacuum gauge.

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SF6 Gas Purification and Filling Equipment