SF6 Gas Filling and Recovery Device

SF6 Gas Filling and Recovery Device
SF6 Gas Filling and Recovery Device

Product Introduction

This SF6 gas filling and recovery device is a kind of special equipment for recycling and filling SF6 gas in order to make and maintain the SF6 electrical equipment.

Main Technical Data

(1) Type: mobile type, refrigeration type

(2) Operating principle

A. Use compressor pressure -- refrigerate and liquefy SF6 gas.

B. Air recovery and recharge assisted by the dryer.

C. It is filled by buffer gasification during air filling (it can be heated).

(3) operating environment temperature: -10℃(-30 optional)--- +40℃

(4) Main performance and technical parameters

1、The ultimate vacuum of the device<10Pa

2、Vacuum pumping rate of the device is 55m3/h (vacuum pump limit is less than 0.06Pa)

3、Initial inflation pressure of the device<133 Pa

4、Final inflation pressure of the device ≤0.8M Pa

5、Inflation rate of the device >6m3/h

6、Initial pressure of recovery of the device≤0.8M Pa

7、The final recovery pressure of the device<-0.053MPa

8、The recovery rate of the compressor is10m3/h

9、Annual leakage rate of the device<1%

10、The maximum design pressure of device storage tank is 4M Pa

11. Tank capacity is 50KG

12. Storage mode: liquid

13. Noise ≤75dB sound pressure level

14. Drying filter regeneration: vacuum regeneration, heating and activation

15. Power supply:AC three-phase 220V/380V±10%、50HZ

16、Total power of the device<13KW

17、purification: micro water 60PPm,oil 5PPm, impurities ≤1 micron 100% filtration.

SF6 Gas Filling and Recovery Device