Transformer Tap Changer Tester

Transformer Tap Changer Tester
Transformer Tap Changer Tester


The instrument is mainly used to measure the transition waveform, transition time, transient resistance value and three phase simultaneity of transformer on load tap changers.

Technical Specifications:

1. Measurement accuracy Transition resistance:±(5%+3 )

Transition time:±(0.1%+1)

2. Storage mode U disk storage, native storage 1G

3. Dimension: 350mm×230mm×200mm

4. Host weight 5kg

5. Ambient temperature -10℃~50℃

6. Ambient humidity ≤85%RH

7. Working power supply AC220V±10%

8. Power frequency 50±1Hz



1. Vertical chassis structure, light weight, easy to carry.

2. The built-in precision constant current source has perfect and reliable protection circuit.

3. Can be tested with or without winding.

4. Built in embedded PC-104 industrial computer, fast speed, large storage capacity.

5. 6 channel high speed synchronous data sampling.

6. Built-in panel type thermo- sensitive printer.

Data storage

1. The host storage capacity is 1G, which can store tens of thousands of test data.

2. It has an external U disk storage function and stores more data.

3. U disk data synchronization function, convenient data exchange.

4. The data file on the U disk can be opened directly.

5. Tree storage structure, according to the station name, number, and tap storage, data query is convenient.

6. With USB and RS232 online functions.

7. Perfect PC data management analysis function.

8. PC can complete data import or field test on line mode.

Transformer Tap Changer Tester