On Load Tap Changer Tester

On Load Tap Changer Tester
On Load Tap Changer Tester
On Load Tap Changer Tester
On Load Tap Changer Tester


The instrument is highly intelligent and all English menu prompts are easy to operate. The instrument has small volume, light weight and strong anti-interference ability. It greatly reduces the labor intensity of the field staff. It is an ideal instrument for the power supply unit, the transformer manufacturing industry to ensure the safety production and improve the quality of the product.

Technical Specifications:

1. Output current ≥1A,3 channels

2. Data sampling Sampling channel: 6 channel

Sampling frequency:10KHz/s

3. Measuring range Transition resistance:0.5Ω~20Ω

Transition time:≤250ms

4. Resolving power Resistance:0.01Ω



Operating interface

1. 5.7 inch backlight wide temperature LCD, clear display in the sun.

2. Graphics and text display results.

3. English menu type operation interface.

4. T9 input method, you can input numbers, letters, English characters and various symbols.

Software upgrade

1. Online upgrade of USB or RS-232

2. The U disk can be upgraded on site.

Service Conditions

1. Ambient temperature -10℃~50℃

2. Ambient humidity ≤85%RH

3. Working power supply AC220V±10%

4. Power frequency 50±1Hz

On Load Tap Changer Tester