Tan Delta Test Kit

Tan Delta Test Kit
Tan Delta Test Kit
Tan Delta Test Kit
Tan Delta Test Kit
Tan Delta Test Kit
Tan Delta Test Kit


ZC-211 Intelligent tan delta test kit is a very basic method in the insulation test, which can effectively find the overall moisture deterioration and deterioration of electrical equipment insulation, as well as local defects. It is widely used in electrical engineering, electrical equipment installation, handover and preventive testing. The measurement of dielectric loss of transformers, transformers, reactors, capacitors, bushings, arresters, etc. is the most basic method to measure the insulation performance. The dielectric loss tester breaks through the traditional bridge measurement method, adopts the frequency conversion power supply technology, uses the single-chip microcomputer, and modern electronic technology to perform automatic frequency conversion, analog-to-digital conversion and data calculation; achieves strong anti-interference ability, fast test speed and high precision. Fully automatic digitalization and easy operation; power supply adopts high-power switching power supply, output 45Hz and 55Hz pure sine wave, automatic pressure, can provide voltage up to 10kV; automatically filter out 50Hz interference, suitable for large electromagnetic interference such as substation testing on the spot. It is widely used in dielectric loss measurement of transformers, transformers, bushings, capacitors, arresters and other equipment in the power industry.


Security measures

1. The instrument can be used inside and outside the house, but should avoid the use of rain, corrosive gas, excessive dust, high temperature, direct sunlight and other places.

2. The instrument should avoid severe vibration.

3.Maintenance, care and adjustment of the instrument should be carried out by professionals.

4. The grounding terminal of the instrument must be reliably connected to the ground with a grounding cable before any wiring.

5. Because the test equipment generates high voltage, the tester must strictly abide by the safe operating procedures to prevent others from touching the high voltage components and circuits. Those who are directly involved in the test must fully understand the high voltage test circuit and the operating points of the instrument. Non-testers must be away from the high-voltage test area. The test area must be clearly indicated by fences or ropes, warning signs, etc.

6. The adjustment, maintenance and maintenance of the instrument must be carried out without power. If power must be applied, the operator must be very familiar with the high-voltage hazardous parts of the instrument.

7. When the fuse is damaged, it must be ensured that the same insurance is replaced, and it is forbidden to replace the different types of insurance or directly short-circuit the insurance.

8. When the instrument fails, turn off the power switch and wait for one minute before checking.

Technical indicators

Accuracy: Cx: ± (reading × 1% + 1pF)

Tgδ: ± (reading × 1% + 0.00040)

Anti-interference index: Frequency conversion anti-interference, can still achieve the above accuracy under 200% interference

Capacitance range: Internal high pressure: 3pF ~ 60000pF / 10kV 60pF ~ 1μF / 0.5kV

Applied high pressure: 3pF ~ 1.5μF / 10kV 60pF ~ 30μF / 0.5kV

Resolution: up to 0.001pF, 4 significant digits

Tgδ range: No limit, resolution 0.001%, three kinds of samples of capacitance, inductance and resistance are automatically recognized.

Test current range: 10μA ~ 5A

Internal high voltage: Set voltage range: 0.5~10kV

Maximum output current: 200mA

Lifting and lowering mode: The voltage is set freely. For example, 5123V.

Test frequency: 40-70Hz single frequency can be set freely. For example, 48.7Hz.

50±0.1Hz to 50±10Hz automatic double conversion random setting.

60±0.1Hz to 60±10Hz automatic double conversion can be set freely.

Frequency accuracy: ±0.01Hz

External high voltage: Maximum test current 5A during positive wiring, power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz

The maximum test current is 10kV/5A when reverse wiring, power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz

CVT self-excited low voltage output: output voltage 3 ~ 50V, output current 3 ~ 30A

Tan Delta Test Kit