Dielectric Loss Angle Tester

Dielectric Loss Angle Tester
Dielectric Loss Angle Tester
Dielectric Loss Angle Tester
Dielectric Loss Angle Tester


ZC-211 Intelligent tgδ Meter is a kind of instrument with high precision fully automatic measuring the dielectric loss tangent and capacitance of various high voltage electrical equipments in the power plants and substations. The adoption of frequency conversion technology could ensure the accurate measurement in the interference of strong electric field.



1. The whole process is measured automatically through microcomputer.

2. The instrument also applies to the measurement of tgδ and electrical capacity of high voltage electrical equipments in the workshops, laboratories and research institutes.

3. It could measure non-grounded or grounded high voltage equipments adopting positive and negative connection method. Besides, it could measure the tgδ of capacitor voltage transformer and capacitance of main capacitor C1and C2.

4. The instrument is equipped with high voltage step-up transformer. Besides, it takes security measures like zero-cross closing, lightning protection, etc. During the experiment, different levels of high voltage ranging from 0.5KV to 10kV are outputted.

5. The instrument has the advantages of convenient and safe operation.

6. Under the circumstance of oil dielectric loss ≥0.01%, with oil cup, positive wiring can be used to measure the dielectric loss of oil.

7. This following protection features are not included in this instrument:

◆ High voltage short-circuit protection

◆ CVT over-voltage protection

◆ Poor grounding protection


High voltage output

0.5~10kV, Increasing by 500V for each level, a total of 20 levels, capacity: 1500VA


tgδ: ±(reading *1.5%+0.04%)

Cx: ±(reading *1.5%+5 PF)


tgδ: 0.01%


Measuring range



When it is 10kV, Cx ≤ 30000pF

When it is 5kV, Cx ≤ 60000pF

Power supply

AC 220V±10%; 50±1Hz

Measuring method

Working frequency:50Hz

Different frequency:45Hz/55Hz Automatic frequency conversion

Harmonic adaptation


Application condition

-15℃~50℃; Relative humidity<80%





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Dielectric Loss Angle Tester