Oil Dielectric Loss Dissipation Factor Tester

Oil Dielectric Loss Dissipation Factor Tester
Oil Dielectric Loss Dissipation Factor Tester


The instrument structure is integrated, integrating the dielectric loss of the test unit, the temperature controller, the temperature sensor, the dielectric loss test bridge, the AC test power supply, the standard capacitor, the high resistance meter, the DC high voltage power supply and other main components. The instrument adopts al-digital technology and intelligent automatic measurement. It is equipped with a large-screen (240 *128) liquid crystal display using a full Chinese menu, which promotes every step in China. The test results can be automatically stored and printed out so that the operator can use it without professional training it.


1. Perfect protection function; when there is over voltage. over current or high-voltage short circuit, instruments can quickly cut off pressure, and issues a warning message. When the temperature of the sensor failure or not connected, the instrument will also issue a warning message.

2. There is a temperature limiting relay in the medium frequency induction heating furnace. When temperature above 120 degrees, the instrument frees the relay and stops heating.

3. More convenient the experimental parameter is set. Temperature setting range 0 ~125°C, AC voltage setting range 500~ 2200V, DC voltage setting range 0~ 500V.

4. Large LCD display with backlight and clear display, Friendly human-machine interface, simply follow the Chinese characters menu prompt, enter the command, the instrument can be automatically tested, and automatically store and print test results.

5.The instrument comes with real time clock, the test date and time can be saved、displayed and printed with the test results.

6. Test cell calibration. We can judge the test cell’s cleaning and assembly by measuring electrode capacitance and dielectric loss factor of the test cell. The calibration data is automatically stored, in order to accurately calculate the relative permittivity and the DC resistivity.

Technical Data

Voltage supply

AC 220V+10%

Power frequency

50Hz/60Hz+ 1%

Measuring range

Electric capacity 5pF - 200pF

Relative permittivity 1.000 ~ 30.000

Dielectric loss factor 0.00001~ 100

DC Resistivity 2.5 MQm~ 20 TQm

Measurement accuracy

Electric capacity
土(1% of measuring value+0.5pF)

Relative permittivity
+1% of measuring value

Dielectric dissipation factor
土(1% of measuring value+ 0.0001)

DC Resistivity
+10% of measuring value


Electric capacity 0.01pF

Relative permittivity 0.001

Dielectric dissipation factor 0.00001

Test temperature: 0~ 125°C

Error of measurement: +0.5°C

Test Voltage AC(RMS): 500 ~ 2200V Continuously adjustable, frequency 50Hz

Test Voltage DC: 0 ~ 500V Continuously adjustable

Power: 100W

Overall dimension:

500x 360x420

Total weight:


Ambient temperature:

0°C ~ 40°C

Relative humidity( RH):


Oil Dielectric Loss Dissipation Factor Tester