Transformer Oil Interfacial Tension Tester

Transformer Oil Interfacial Tension Tester
Transformer Oil Interfacial Tension Tester


Intermolecular Forces formed liquid surface tension. Numbers of tension reflect on liquid sample's physics and chemical properties, it is one of the most important index to product quality. HZZL-3 automatic tension tester apply to GB/T6541,it can test kinds of liquid surface tension and boundary surface tension, this method sample and accuracy, so it's used widely.


It used electromagnetic force -balance-type transducer, improving the accuracy of the measurement Demarcated one point and you can adjust the instrument, and it's very convenient.

The instrument can show current weight values and tension Equivalence

The instrument can revise the test result Automatically

Used high-quality screen, the life of screen extended

The instrument can storage 255 records

The instrument has a mini- printer, you can print the test result any time.

The instrument has RS232 interface equipment, it can connect to computer, and it convenient for data processing.


Measuring range:0-200mN/m

Accuracy:0.1%( test result)±0.1 mN/m

Precision: 0.1mN/m

Sensibility: 0.1mN/m

Mains voltage: AC220V±20% 50HZ±10%

Maximum power dissipation:20W

Suit ambient temperature: 10~30℃(25℃the best)

Suit ambient humidity: ≤85% RH

Overall dimensions: 200×300×330(mm)


Transformer Oil Interfacial Tension Tester