Knee Point Voltage Test

Knee Point Voltage Test
Knee Point Voltage Test
Knee Point Voltage Test
Knee Point Voltage Test

knee point voltage test Set / CT PT Analyzer

Product Introduction

ZC-102A CT/PT Analyzer can measures of CT, I-V curve and curve. 5%, 10% error curve according to the polarity of the national standard, DC resistance, and ratio, direct measurement of voltage transformer turns ratio; qualitative measurement of voltage transformer ratio error and polarit; field measurements of the actual secondary load of current and voltage mutual inductor and so on..

Product Parameters

Working power supply

Input voltage


Allowable input voltage




Input power



Standard AC socket 60320

Device output range

Voltage output

0~2500Vrms;5Arms(20A Peak value)

Note:0 ~ 5A for real value,more than 5A~20A for calculated value

High current output


Secondary winding resistance measurement

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


Secondary actual burden measurement

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


Phase measurement
(angle difference)

Resolution ratio


Measurement accuracy


CT Ratio measurement

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


PT Ratio measurement

Measuring range


Measurement accuracy


Ratio difference measurement

Measurement accuracy


Excitation measurement

Measurement accuracy

≤0.5%(0.2%×reading +0.3%×range)

Environment condition

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

5%~95%,No dewing

Physical characteristics






Product Features

1 Support for the detection of CT and PT;

2.Meet the requirements of GB1207, GB1208 and other procedures;

3.Without external auxiliary equipment, can complete all testing items;

4.Comes with a miniature quick printer that can print results directly on-site;

5.Easy to operate, with smart tips, allowing users to operate more easily;

6.Large screen LCD, graphical display interface;

7.According to the rules automatically give CT/PT (excitation ) inflection point value;

8.Automatically display 5% and 10% error curves;

9.3000 groups of test data can be saved, not lost after power off;

10.Support U disk to the transfer data, and information can be read through the standard PC, and generate WORD Report;

11.Small and light less than 22Kg, is very conducive to the on-site test.

Knee Point Voltage Test