PT Excitation Characteristic Tester

PT Excitation Characteristic Tester
PT Excitation Characteristic Tester

Multi-Function PT Excitation Characteristic Tester Introduction

ZC-121A Multi-Function PT Excitation Characteristic Tester is developed specifically for PT excitation characteristic, no-load characteristic measuring equipment factory according to national standard "GB / T 22071.2-2008 transformer test guidelines for Part 2: electromagnetic voltage transformer" provisions, combined with the actual needs of the transformer manufacturers, and China Electric Power Research Institute, Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute jointly, The instrument uses advanced DSP+FPGA technology, tracking and measuring speed, to capture the data accurately, more powerful, easy to use, in the domestic leading level.

PT Excitation Characteristic Tester Features

1. Full automatic acquisition, measurement, display, storage, print all measurement parameters and excitation characteristic curve (voltage, current, power, frequency, etc.).

2. Ultra large scale, can automatically and manually measure the set point of the excitation data.

3. Supports up to 100 sets of preset test parameters, when doing the test only needs to enter the number of preset parameters of the test sample can be transferred out of the sequence value of the capture point, greatly improving the efficiency of the test.

4. Built-in large capacity memory, storage test data, and the industry standard communication interface (RS232) uploaded to the PC machine, random software to achieve data upload, automatic generation and editing the typical test report, for the technical management and archiving.

5. With the function of over-voltage and over current protection, the protection value is automatically adjusted according to the test parameters, which is simple and convenient and can ensure the safety of the test equipment.

6. Also can do the test for the voltage (current) transformer, arc suppression coil volt ampere characteristic test.

Technical Data

Voltage measurement



Current measurement



Active power







ZC-121A Multi-Function PT Excitation Characteristic Tester widely applied in various field testing, such as Power System, Testing Institutions, Manufacturer and Petrochemical System

Precautions for ZC-121A PT excitation characteristic tester:

1. Before using the instrument, carefully read the product manual and master the correct use method.

2. Correct wiring during test. Power on after checking whether the wiring is correct and the connection is reliable.

3. In the two wires of the test clamp, the thicker wire is the current wire (1, 12), and the thinner wire is the voltage wire (U1, U2). The instrument adopts a special high current quick connector, which should be slightly rotated during plugging.

4. Correct operation. During the test, the voltage regulator shall be slowly boosted near the test point to ensure the relibility of data acquisition.

5. In case of any abnormality in the test, the power must be cut off to find out the cause and eliminate the abnormality before continuing the test. Blind operation is not allowed to avoid unnecessary loss.


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PT Excitation Characteristic Tester