PT Induced Voltage Withstand Tester

PT Induced Voltage Withstand Tester
PT Induced Voltage Withstand Tester

ZC-121B PT Induced voltage withstand tester

Product Introduction

ZC-121B is used for checking the vertical insulation between turns, layers, sections and phases of the transformer winding. It is small and light, with stable performance, and also easy to operate.

Product Features

1. Multi-use of one machine. Not only can be used as transformer induction voltage test, but also can be used to do the volt ampere characteristics test.

2. Avoid overvoltage with high impedance capacitive voltage divider can directly monitor the side of the high pressure automatic completion of the induction voltage test.

3. Simple operation. Pressure can be divided into automatic compression and manual pressurization, optional 30Hz ~ 200Hz frequency range of constant pressure output.

4. Comprehensive: protection the instrument has the perfect function of overvoltage and over-current protection, and can be set by the user.

5. Show fresh: Backlight type large LCD screen, display a clear, simple and clear operation interface.

6. Print fast: Built-in miniature high-speed thermal printer can quickly print the contents of the display.

Product Parameters


10KVA (extensible)

Input voltage

Three-phase ,AC380V±10% (Note: single phase 220V can also be connected to the power input of A, C end; but this time the device output capacity by half)

Output voltage


Output current


Output frequency


Frequency resolution


Voltage resolution


Current resolution


Precision of voltage and current


Output waveform distortion rate

< 2%

PT Induced Voltage Withstand Tester