Self Boosting Precision Potential Transformer

Self Boosting Precision Potential Transformer
Self Boosting Precision Potential Transformer

Portable 2000A self boosting precision potential transformer


1. Manual control, digital display of input voltage and output current.

2. Movable structure, current output is adjustable.

3. With timer to timing the action time of circuit breaker.(customized)

4. Zero start function to prevent the test objects from damage caused by high current impulse. The equipment only can be started from zero.

5. Impulse selection function. The required current can be output directly without zero protection function when making quick-break testing for circuit breaker.

6. Suitable for all kinds of circuit breaker, switchgear, current relay.

7. Easy use and maintenance.

Technical Data

1. Name:ZC510-2000A High Current Injection Test Device

2. Environmental groups: belong to GB6587.1-86 in "electronic measuring instrument test master plan" Ⅲ group instrument (can be used in outdoor environment).

3. Capacity:10KVA

4.Current: AC0~2000A Stepless adjustable, panel with digital display ammeter

5.Voltage: (5V)

6. Weight:About 140kg


● We will provide more precisely and efficiently manufacture and serve according to clients' requirements.

● We have professional QC team to ensure your product more better.

● Check the raw material before starting production.

● Have the random inspection during the processing.

● Make the 100% inspection before the shipments.


Passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system authentication.

Self Boosting Precision Potential Transformer